Yazeed is a male mer from Matali. He is the brother of Neela, the nephew of Empress Ahadi and Emperor Bilaal and the cousin of Mahdi.


He is shown to have black hair.

Depiction in Books Edit

Deep Blue Edit

Yazeed is first depicted as a mer who loves to party and is found by Neela and Serafina at the Reggia after a night of partying. After the attack on Miromara he's thought to have died however he helps Sera and Neela in the disguise of Grigio, as he's a member of the Praedatori.

Rogue Wave Edit

Neela still believes that Yazeed died during the siege however he makes himself known to her in Matali and the two travel together to Miromara to meet up with Sera. They find out he is a member of the Praedotori, a group of mer fighting for the welfare of the ocean.

Dark Tide Edit

Yazeed is now a member of the Black Fin Resistance who helps Sera gain access to the vaults in Cerulea and is one of her most trusted Black Fins. He goes to the goblin realms along with the rest of the group and helps set up the Karg as a proper base

Sea Spell Edit

He spends most of his time preparing for the retaking of Cerulea and stopping Abbadon, he also makes plans with the rest of Sera's inner-circle. Yazeed fights alongside Sera and the others in both of the battles. After Cerulea is retaken he returns to his place in the Praedatori.