―Vallerio's last word

Principe del Sangue Vallerio di Merrovingia was Miromara's high commander, the husband of Portia, Serafina's uncle and Lucia's father. He was later charged with treason by Serafina and beheaded.

Appearance Edit

Vallerio has black hair with striking blue eyes and silver scales and described as having a "handsome face".

History Edit

Deep Blue Edit

Vallerio has a meeting with Isabella before Sera's Dokimi, then after that, when death riders shoot Isabella, tells Sera that nothing can be done.

Rogue Wave Edit

Vallerio returns to Miromara with his goblin allies and hosts Lucia's Dokimi. After it, he and Portia discuss their plan in a room, but it was over heard by Sera.

Dark Tide Edit

Vallerio complains about Sera, and sends more and more death riders to attack the Kargjord.

Sea Spell Edit

Vallerio fights in the battle for Miromara. After it, he is captured and brought to Sera.He pretends not to understand Sera's convictions. Des is outraged and tries to attack him, but Yazeed stops him and Sera arrests him. At the end of the book, he is brought before Sera in court and is sentenced to execution by beheading. As the axe swings down, he raises his head to Sera and says his last words :"Checkmate".

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

Vallerio was enchanted by Portia Volnero and the pair wished to marry, but the marriage was forbidden by Vallerio's mother, Artemesia, who was the reigning regina, as the Volneros had traitors in their family coral and didn't want her son to marry a tainted line. Angry, he left Cerulea and spent several years in Tsarno, a fortress town in Western Miromara. He never married, choosing to devote himself to the welfare of Miromara instead.They continued their affair in secret.