Thalassa is the canta magus, also known as the keeper of magic, of Miromara.

Depiction in Books Edit

Deep Blue Edit

Thalassa is shown to be the powerful teacher of Serafina, she offers advice to Serafina and helps her by pulling a Bloodsong and showing the principessa her past, where her future as a mage was doubted by others. After the attack on Miromara she was taken by Traho and was held captive, while she was stuck there her fingers were removed. Thalassa was saved by Serafina, Neela and members of the praedatori however she put herself at risk by buying the others time. Serafina then assumes that Thalassa had died.

Sea Spell Edit

She once again shows up at Orfeo's palace and is tasked with teaching Astrid how to sing which she does. Later on she returns to Miromara