Scaghaufen (German for scoundrel) is the Meerteufel capital, where the chieftain, Guldemar, lives.

Scaghaufen's palace is made of slag where moltenwaste separated from pure metal wehn the ore smelted. It was craggy and misshapen. From its windows, visitors and occupants could see the entire city. The throne of Guldemar, the chieftain, was shaped like Hafgufa the Kracken. The coiled lower body was the throne's seat, a pair of fins, the arms, its thick neck stretched above the chieftain and its fanged head hung over him like a canopy.


The capital's fiery heart was shaped like the head of Kupfernickel, the first Meerteufel chieftain. Lava bubbled in his mad eyes and a stream of white-hot slag poured from his snarling mouth all day and all night. Foundaries dotted the city belching smoke and saprks when Kobold steel was being made into weapons and armour.