Qin (Mandarin for clear) is an Asian mer realm spanning the Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

Qin was founded by Sycorax and the Asian population of Atlantis emigrated there, wanting to be close to their home shores.

Politics and GovernmentEdit

It is mentioned that Qin's head of state is called the Elder. It is unknown if this is a hereditary position or if an Elder is elected. In Sea Spell, when the Elder learns the truth behind his people's disappearances and the situations in Miromara, Matali and Ondalina he sends troops to assist the six merls in their final battle. Little else is known about the Elder, except that he has a granddaughter.

Ling later is made an international ambassador by the Elder in Sea Spell. She spent her time travelling between the mer realms and settling disputes and conflicts.

Locations Edit

The Great Abyss Edit

The Great Abyss, geographically Mariana Trench, is the deepest part of the world's oceans and is where Sycorax's talisman was located.


Qingshul is Ling's home village, where she lived. In at least every house there is a relative of hers.

Known Inhabitants Edit

  • Ling
  • Zhu
  • Shan Liu Chi
  • Ryu
  • Yun
  • Wen

Trivia Edit

  • Qin is Mandarin for "clear."
  • QingShui, where Ling lives, is Mandarin for "clear water".