Principe Consorte Bastiaan was the Prince Consort and husband of Regina Isabella, the father of Serafina and Desiderio.

Pre-Series HistoryEdit

Bastiaan was born a noble-mer of the House of Kaden in the Sea of Marmara. He married Isabella and became Principe Consorte. This is likely, like most Merrovingian State marriages, an arranged marriage, but it grew to be a love match. Bastiaan was devoted to Isabella and his children Serafina and Desiderio, and he adored them and his people, all of whom in turn felt the same way. He often shared dances with Serafina and giving her presents of gowns and jewels.


Bastiaan sent sea roses to Serafina's chamber as she was preparing for the Dokimí. During the Invasion of Cerulea he shouts a warning to Isabella when she was about to get shot once more, by more arrows and swims in front of her, killing him instantly. In Rogue Wave, it is revealed that his and Isabella's bodies were tossed in a rug, by Traho and his thugs, and then decently buried by an outraged farmer named Frammento. His grave and Isabella's were decorated by statues torn down by Traho and adorned in hand-lettered plaques proclaiming their names and the phrase 'MAY YOU REST IN STILL WATERS'. Bastiaan is mentioned by Lucia in her thoughts as she remembered how she smiled when he doted upon and lavished his daughter with gifts of gowns and jewels, as Lucia resented the thought that she had no father and envied Serafina.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Baastian had copper-brown hair, green eyes, copper scales and olive skin, He was said to be handsome.