Sera recognized her immediately: Portia. A bloodstain bloomed across her chest like a crimson sea flower. A hole over her heart was the flower's dark center.
―Serafina's discovery of Portia's body

Portia Volnero was an Italian who was the mother of Lucia and wife of Vallerio, a powerful duchessa and before the attack on Miromara, a lady-in-waiting to Serafina.

Appearance Edit

Portia is stunningly beautiful with emerald eyes and long auburn hair. For the Dokimi, she is dressed in regal purple and her hair is worn loose and flowing.For Lucia's Dokimi, she wears a resplendent gown of gold sea silk.

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

In the time of Regina Artemesia, Portia had "enchanted" Vallerio, presumably with her beauty, and the pair fell deeply in love and had an affair, resulting in Portia falling pregnant. They wished to marry but, when Vallerio asked permission to marry Portia, Artemesia forbade the match, citing that the Volneros had traitors in their family and their line was "tainted". She decreed that a union between a member of the royal family and a Volnero was "out of the question" and that Vallerio could not father any Volnero children, oblivious to Portia's pregnancy at the time she made the decree.

Realizing breaking a regina's decree was punishable by death, the heartbroken and desperate duchessa quickly married another man, Sejanus Adaro, who looked like Vallerio in order to keep her secret. One year after the birth of her daughter Lucia, Sejanus committed suicide by drinking poison. This led to rumors of foul play, but nothing was ever proved.

After her husband's death, Portia left Miromara with Lucia to live at her country estate twenty leagues outside of the city with occasional visits from Vallerio. However, she and her daughter Lucia were mocked and shamed due to them being of "tainted blood" and subject to constant gossip.

However, Portia holds the right to attend the royal Miromaran court as an extremly powerful duchessa.

Sea Spell Edit

In the war for Miromara, an unknown Black Fin's arrow hit her in the chest, killing her. She is buried in a common grave with the gallows dirges.

Personality Edit

Portia has a more calm, relaxed personality compared to her husband Vallerio. She is quite intelligent and glamourous, also.