Orfeo is Astrid's ancestor and one of the six mages who ruled Atlantis.

Appearance Edit

He is a tall & strong man, who was described that was bronzed from the sun, has close-cut white-blonde hair and black, empty eyes. In Deep Blue, when Serafina sees him, he is dressed in a black suit.

Deep Blue Edit

Serafina sees Orfeo in a mirror at the palace, where he attempts to kill her but Tavia, Serafina's nursemaid comes in, forcing him to return to the mirror.

Baba Vraja speaks with the merls about what happened to Orfeo about 4,000 years ago.

It happened in the ancient island of Atlantis, ruled by the Six: Merrow, Orfeo, Nyx, Navi, Pyrrha & Sycorax (Serafina, Astrid, Ava, Neela, Becca and Ling's ancestors).

Orfeo unleashed Abbadon and the monster destroyed the island, shaking the earth and causing it to crack, letting lava seep everywhere, killing many.

Nyx (Ava's ancestor) was killed by Abaddon before he reached the temple but before he died, he found Navi (Neela's ancestor) and handed her his talisman. Navi searched for Merrow and the others in the temple. Merrow managed to corner Orfeo and killed him. After Orfeo was killed, Merrow took his talisman and left to drive Abaddon to the Southern Sea.

Rogue Wave Edit

In the beginning of the second book, Serafina and Ling later encounter, named Lady Thalia, a vitrina who had lived to see Orfeo alive then killed. Thalia says that Orfeo was the sweetest and melted people's heart every time he smiled and all women fell in love with him. But he only loved one woman, Alma, Thalia's best friend. They were both kind and generous to each other and everyone. Orfeo and Alma later fell in love and got married and had children. But then everything changed when Alma got gravely ill and Orfeo was scared that she was going to die and he couldn't bear living a life without Alma. Orfeo was a healer; tried all he could to save Alma but it didn't work. Alma was so ill that she begged to die but Orfeo couldn't accept that.

Alma died and at her funeral, the priest put a white pearl in her mouth to take her soul away. Horok, a god, the keeper of souls, took the pearl from her mouth and send it to the underworld. Orfeo begged Horok not to do that, but Horok stated he couldn't.

Orfeo became insane and he frightened everyone, including his children, who ran to their aunt's house for safety. Orfeo vowed to get Alma back from the afterlife. He didn't speak with anyone and he barely ate or slept. He made a temple for Morsa, an ancient scavenger goddess whose job is to take away the bodies of the dead. He finished the temple and locked himself inside it. He gave Morsa everything he had, even Alma's precious jewellery and his talisman. After he gave her his talisman, he destroyed it and put it in wine for the ones he sacrificed to Morsa.

Morsa later gave Orfeo a new talisman and knowledge of how to make Abbadon. He made Abbadon and vowed to make his monster so powerful and that he and Abbadon would march to the underworld and take Alma back.

At the end of the second book, Ling is captured by a human named Rafe Iaoro Mfeme and he ties her to a chair on his boat and interrogates her on where the talismans are. Ling refuses her to talk and he bruises her. She tells him he's just a lackey but he reveals that he's Orfeo.

Dark Tide Edit

While travelling home to Ondalina, Astrid sees Orfeo in a mirror and beckons her, but she smashes the mirror and swims away.

Ling is sent by Orfeo, or Rafe Iaoro Mfeme into a labor camp. In Ondalina, Astrid again sees Orfeo who tempts her with being able to sing, but when she refuses to come to him, he disappears. Later, Ling escapes and joins with the others, where they learned Orfeo's soul was trapped in his talisman, and when it was worn by a Viking chieftain, which he posessed. They learned Amarrefe Mei Foo, Feimor Fa Eaemor, and Maffeio Aermore are all aliases for "I am Orfeo, Fear me."

Sea Spell Edit

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