Miromara Palace is the palace in which Miromara's royalty and court reside. It is built high on a seamount and a baroque construction of coral, quartz and mother-of-pearl. The palace is located in the Adriatic Sea.

Rooms Edit

Stateroom Edit

The state room was where the throne is located. Three of the room's four walls are covered floor-to-ceiling in shimmering mother-of-pearl, adorned with tall pietra dura panels- ornately pieced insets of amber, quartz, lapis and malachite depicting the reginas of Miromara. Twenty large blown-glass chandeliers, eight-feet in diameter and containing thousands of small lava globes- hang from the ceiling. At the end, a gold throne, fashioned in the shape of a sea fan, sits on a high amethyst dais. The wall behind is covered in costly mirror glass.

The Presence Chamber Edit

The presence chamber is much smaller than the throne room. It is spare and utilitarian, furnished with a large desk, several chairs and shelves filled with conches recording everything from petitions to parliamentary discussions. Only the regina's closest advisors and her family are allowed inside.

Serafina's room Edit

The room has polished coral walls which are covered in yellow, cobalt blue and magenta and has fronds of seaweed anchored to the floor. She has a tall gilt mirror and several glass windows with draperies. Sera's bed is an enormous ivory scallop shell, one half lined with pink anemones and the other suspended on the points of four tall turitella snail shells. The canopy's edges are intricately carved and inlaid with sea glass and amber with lush curtains of japweed hanging down from it. At the opposite end of the bedroom, there are a pair of glass doors which leads to a balcony that overlooks Cerulea.

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