Merrow is the founder of Miromara, Serafina's ancestor and the first leader of the merpeople.

Appearance Edit

Merrow has blue eyes, black hair and after she became a mermaid, silver scales.

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Merrrow was born in Iberia, in modern-day Spain. She is one of the six rulers of Atlantis.Her talisman was a blue diamond and when Orfeo unleashed Abbadon, she did all she could to protect people and managed to kill Orfeo.To save her people, she called upon the goddess Neria to give the people of Atlantis fins and tails. Becoming a mermaid herself, she and Sycorax trapped Abbadon in the Southern Sea, where Sycorax died. Merrow then founded Miromara and went on a journey called Merrow's progress  where she hid the talismans so mer could never find and forced the Opafago, cannibal creatures, into the ruins of Atlantis. As the first regina, she created several decrees to protect Miromarans.

When she was close to death, she asked the gods to forge Alithea, a venomous sea-spider, to ensure no pretenders ruled Miromara.


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