Matali is an Indian mer realm, located in the Indian Ocean and stretches west to African waters, north to the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal and east to the shores of Malaysia and Australia.

History Edit

Matali first began as a small outpost off the Seychelle Islands and grew into an empire which spanned the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Matali City Edit

Matali's capital city is Matali City. The Matalin Imperial Palace is located there, on a deep-water rock shelf with marble bridges connecting to the rock outcroppings where more buildings were added by their emperors.

Hierarchy Edit

Matali has a very formal hierarchy, with the emperor and his wife on top, and servants at the bottom. The royal court is very complicated with many guards and viziers. It is a bureaucracy, and it is mentioned that forms always needed to be filled out in order for any commoner to see the emperor and gain entry to the imperial palace, and even then it would potentially take months, even years, for more forms needed to be filled out.

Language Edit

Matali mer speak a Matlin dialect of Mermish of Mermish. However, the Matalin language is most likely Hindi as Mahdi tells Serafina "mērē dila, mērī ātmā" which is Hindi for "my heart, my soul". Additionally, Neela states that the Praedatori are called "āparādhika", meaning "criminal" in Matalin , which, in fact, is the Hindi word for "criminal".

Religion Edit

The Matalins worship the same gods as other mer realms (see; Mer gods).

Currency Edit

Like all mer realms, Matali uses gold trocii (trocus, sing.), silver drupes and copper cowries as currensea. Gold doubloons are black market currensea.

Cuisine Edit

Matalin cuisine includes: bingas, zee zees, bing-bangs, janteeshaptas (shaptas), kanjaywhoohoos, pompasoomas, chillawondas and kootagullas. They have many candies and pastries. Neela is very fond of shaptas, bingas, zee zees and the kanjaywhoohoos (see; mer cuisine).

Flag Edit

The Matalin flag is a red flag with a Razormouth dragon holding a pale blue egg, which is strange as all other Razormouth eggs are brown. The pale blue egg turns out to be Navi’s talisman, a moonstone.

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