Principe del Sangue Ludovico di Merrovingia di Miromara, was the son of Regina Artemisia, the brother of Regina Isabella and former High Commander Vallerio and the uncle of Serafina, Desiderio and Lucia Volnero.

Pre-series HistoryEdit

Ludovico was the youngest child of Artemisia, with one brother Vallerio, who would become High Commander and one sister Isabella, who would become Regina of Miromara. This left him as the only candidate for the Permutavi in which Miromaran and Ondalinian royal children would be exchanged in order to learn about the other realm and improve relations. He was sent in exchange of Sigurlin- Admiral Kolfinn's sister- who lives in Tsarno with her family. He now lives in Ondalina's Citadel with his family.

In the SeriesEdit

In Dark Tide, Astrid returns from the Iele and Becca to the Citadel. She finds her mother, Eyvör talking to Ludovico, as they are close friends. Ludovico is a breeder of hippokamps and has often produced the hippokamps- and orcas- to the Ondalinian military. He was frustrated as Rylka, Kolfinn's Commodora, had imprisoned his nephew, Desiderio, accusing him of poisoning Kolfinn, but held him without a chance of a trial, or even a visit. Later, when Astrid and Desiderio escapes after Rylka accused Astrid of killing her own father, she gives Ludovico some of her bloodsongs in order for him to give to Eyvör and Ragnar to tell them the truth that Rylka had been behind Kolfinn's poisoning all along and that they were set up by Vallerio and Portia Volnero. Ludovico is grief-stricken and shell-shocked when he discovers Vallerio had been the one behind Isabella's murder. This quickly turns to rage and determination and he supplies Astrid and Desiderio with food, weapons and warm clothing, as well as an Orca, Elksan to outride Rylka's troops.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ludovico looks like a Merrovingia with black hair with a white streak and piercing blue eyes.