The Freshwaters is a mer domain that encompasses rivers, lakes and ponds ruled by a Queen.


It is said that the freshwaters are ruled by a Queen, as it is mentioned in Deep Blue in discussions about the Council of Six. in Sea Spell, Ava meets Manon Laveau, a Native American 'Swamp Queen', who clearly has authority and is some kind of voodoo priestess. However it is unknown whether this really is an official title or just a form of reverence and respect.


The freshwaters as they live so close to terragoggs have plenty of garbage. In Deep Blue, Serafina and Neela are in Radneva, in the Black Sea, on the way to the Olt River, saw shops built of oil drums, plastic buckets, wrecked boats, stacked tyres and fallen shipping containers. Roofs were shingled with flattened tin cans or plastic bottles. There was a department store built out an oil tankard.

In the waters of Macapá, Ava remembers that the buildings were made up of the empty shells of giant river mussels, tethered to the riverbed by ropes made of tree roots and with round holes cut for windows and doors, brightly painted shutters framing or covering the windows and tiny snail shells on river vines kept pesky blue and purple discuss fish out, and caimans floated on the river's surface 'their bellies like pale clouds drifting by.' Anacondas slithered along the river's muddy bed. Glass was too expensive and the village was poor.

Known Inhabitants Edit