The Dokimí, Greek for trial, is a Miromaran tradition, where a Miromaran principessa is declared of blood, sings a difficult songspell and takes her betrothal vows and swears to one day give the realm a daughter.

Stages Edit

The Blooding Edit

The blooding is the first part of the Dokimí. The principessa is tested to see if she is a descendant of Merrow.

Alíthea, a large venomous sea spider who contains some of Merrow's blood, is summoned. The principessa cuts her palm and allows Alíthea to drink her blood and confirm she is a Merrovingia. This is the most dangerous part of the Dokimí as if the principessa is not a Merrovingia, she is dragged by Alíthea to her den, where the sea spider kills and eats her.

The Casting Edit

In this stage of the ceremony, the principessa must perform a complicated songspell created by Merrow to test her magical abilities. This relies mostly on the principessa's talent and skill. During the songspell, the principessa must conjure up images of Atlantis, it's destruction, and Miromara and Matali's past.

The Vows Edit

The principessa and who she is getting betrothed to sing their vows and the principessa swears to one day give the realm a daughter. The vows end in a kiss.

Deep Blue Edit

Serafina has her Dokimí and is declared of blood by Alíthea and performs her songspell with emotion and passion, much to the delight of the crowd. She doesn't manage to do the vows as her parents are assassinated and Miromara is stormed by assassins. However, Serafina later does her betrothal vows with Mahdi in Rogue Wave.

Rogue Wave Edit

With Serafina presumed dead, Lucia is allowed to have a Dokimí by her father, Vallerio, who had ordered the assasins to storm Cerulea to place his daughter on the throne. Lucia is declared of blood by Alíthea as her mother, Portia, had an affair with Vallerio, Isabella's brother. She performs her songspell perfectly and does her vows with Mahdi, who is pretending to love her to obtain information for the Black Fins. As Isabella is dead and Serafina claimed to be dead, Lucia becomes the regina, however she is not the true regina as only a daughter of a daughter can rule Miromara, unless their isn't one. However, Serafina is still alive and is the rightful regina of Miromara.

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