Dark Tide

Summary Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Serafina and the BFR fighters are trying to break into the royal palace. Serafina thinks about how ironic it was that the traitors were actually inside the palace. Serafina asks Yazeed how much longer it would take to break into the palace, Yaz repiles saying that it would take five minutes maxium.

Serafina thinks back to the day when Yaz and Luca, another BFR fighter, came to the headquarters celebrating. Yaz explained that the parchment showed the original plans for the palace,and the lava pipes. He also explained that a specfic lava lamp carried Lava to the west wing of the palace and how it suppose to have been removed when treasury vaults had been moved from the Grande Corrente to the palace but instead of being demolished it was closed off. So a new set had been put well below the vaults.

Trivia Edit

  • The cover of Dark Tide is Ling (Joy Wang) who is in the Abyss getting her talisman, Sycorax's Puzzle Ball.
  • Dark Tide was released on October 13, 2015.