Bianca di Remora was Lucia's best friend and a lady-in-waiting to Serafina and then to Lucia Volnero when she became the false regina.

Personality Edit

A true di Remora. Always following the big fish.
―Thalassa, Miromara's former canta magus

Bianca was described as someone who always 'swam with the big fish'.She was a loyal friend to Lucia and seemed quite girly.

History Edit

Deep Blue Edit

In Deep Blue, Serafina overheard Lucia talking to Bianca about how she sneaked out to the Lagoon.

Rogue Wave Edit

Bianca doesn't appear in this book. Edit

Dark Tide Edit

Bianca is a close friend to Lucia, but Lucia doesn't seem to truly care about her.

Bianca first appears at a party with Lucia. It is mentioned that Lucia made Bianca change out of a dress that made her look prettier than she was. Bianca is present when Lucia draws bloodsongs from Mahdi to see whether he loves Serafina more than he does her, and she stops Lucia when she almost kills Mahdi. She also suggested to Lucia that Serafina enchanted Mahdi to love her and spy for her.

Lucia then goes to a shipwreck with Bianca, where Kharis, a mermaid who worships Morsa, has made a maligno, a nonliving mer made of clay, for Lucia that looks like Mahdi. Kharis says that Lucia must pay "a life for a life" for the maligno, and Lucia trades Bianca for the maligno. Lucia doesn't really care when Bianca is taken to be killed, but she probably cares a little bit because she had to shake away Bianca's screams.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Bianca is the Italian cognate of the name "Blanche", which originates from a Medieval French nickname meaning "white, fair."
  • Bianca's surname "di Remora" refers to the family of fish called remoras, also known as suckerfish. This is a reference to Bianca's personality as she "sucks up" to "big fish", such as Lucia Volnero.