The Admiral's Palace is where Ondalina's admiral- their ruler- lives. It is located at the center of the iceberg Citadel where the huge public square also is so that the admiral can easily address his mer and watch the soldiers parade. It was sculpted out of ice, like all the dwellings of the citadel.


The west wing of the admiral's palace has three levels. The offices are on the top level.

Private hospitalEdit

The private hospital, with its spacious foyer, corridors and hospital rooms, is used by the admiral and presumably by his family and the highest-ranking members of the military.

Hall of AdmiralsEdit

The Hall of Admirals is an arched passageway leading into the private apartments of the admiral and his family. On either side are life-sized statues of Ondalina's admirals.


The dungeons had maze-like tunnels. A single passageway, which are barred to keep anyone from entering without authorisation, split apart. Countless smaller corridors lined with cells snaked off the main passageways with an exit at the far end. As lava cannot be piped into the citadel, lava globes are used, but the globes are too expensive to be used to a great degree on prisoners.